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Die Freie Presse Montagsausgabe UK Version
Welcome to a new issue of the Freie Presse.

It has probably escaped no one that of course punctually to my vacation once again dark events cast their shadow ahead..... I sometimes wonder why timing is always against me.
If the fan's mouth is already watering with these first lines, he will most likely fall into uncontrolled ecstasy in the course of the issue ... but one after the other.
(Editor's note: all names and job titles used are fictitious, but if a real person feels offended in any way with the listed names, we deeply regret that we think the probability of such a coincidence is very low.)

Now certainly every reader can remember the embarrassing blockade action against the pub and the LHS 3006 system by some misguided Spear pilots under the inciting aegis of Akuma Tebori. ( I don't repeat this name here, because I've been connected with him for years by an intimate - I'd almost like to say heartrending - friendship, but because he's simply the driving force and the leader of the designated troop and therefore has to be mentioned from a journalistic point of view )
It's been a couple of weeks now, it's been an unbelievable shit, and it has not only caused Spear a lot of internal fights, including resignations, but has also been a massive blow to the office in terms of reputation in the international PvP community.
So what does a successful general think after such an embarrassing and ridiculed action by all media ?
Right! "Great run, we'll do it again and call it war this time."
Yes, dear readers, you heard right:
In a new way, the General was able to persuade his helpers to have themselves slaughtered for him in his private ego-trip.
Although most of the serious Spear pilots have correctly recognized the craziness of this undertaking or the hypocrisy of its justification and turned away from the matter or were not even asked, but that does not prevent a man of his caliber to assert his will.
Consequently, most of the Spear instances have been passed and everything that can somehow fly has been drummed together to fight and smoke out the alleged terror and the invented retreat of the RoA. (The fact that one uses without shame also confessing Ganker is only mentioned as a small Funfact besides that.)

Of course, not without first making an almost pitiful "ultimatum", which is unparalleled in the absurdity of the demands and reminds me of the film Demolition Man " [...]they affirm their demand with the addition, or else "...well, that didn't really impress Wesley Snipes at that time either.
The whole thing accompanied by lies and deception through all available discords, forums or groups ... preferably particularly gladly there where nobody stands opposite them to the contradiction. Without contradiction it lies itself just most pleasantly.
This starts with Bhard , who presumably placed the original declaration of war in this forum at the behest of Akuma.
In the Kneipendiscord (also Spear members can participate here at any time if you want) he pretended to be a roleplayer, who only wants to create content and also the declaration of war has nothing to do with Spear, he said.
At the same time he boasted in other channels how much he stepped on the pub's feet or how Akuma's hair-raising theories about RoA spread, among others with the admins of the ECCE - the event server of the PvP community from which he and numerous others from the narrower sphere of the general's demands because of their intolerable mentality have also flown out on edge. (and/or had to remove itself).
Small tip from the expert, if this war has nothing to do with Spear, one should not flood during a battle the internal chat and radio channels permanently with such things as " this system is now under the control of Spear " etc. pp.
I hope the obvious error of thought catches the eye.
It continues with the mantra-like repetition of wanton misinformation about the space bar, its direction and the alleged role the RoA would play there.
Every single word stunk and lied, but by the massive repetition it remains naturally in many minds..... in this respect I can at least praise the fact that one or two things have been learned from me as far as technology is concerned ....but not elegance.

Dear musketeers:
Lies, deception and false information are not an end in themselves and only work if they are artfully constructed and backed with substance.
It takes dedication, feeling, the right touch and a little imagination. None of this is sufficiently present in you. If you can refute your horror stories so easily by simply going to the pub.
The house of cards won't last very long.
and so it comes as it had to come. Massive influx in the pub by the curious.
The serious Spear pilots turn away with horror, and the remaining recruited auxiliary troops are slaughtered for the general's private feud.

Day 1

12 x dead cannon fodder compared to a failure and that was not even a RoA (to which allegedly this war applies) for Pietätsgründen one has even renounced to step the whole medial wide.
Day 2
After almost nothing had happened until 22:30 o'clock at night, most of the somewhat elderly old RoA have already crawled bored into their beds. The few remaining had decided to hold trainings with some pub visitors.
Just in these trainings burst with massive squad then suddenly the mercenary troop of the general and shot blindly on everything they had got before the shotgun.
Needless to say that simply all those present were not included in the RoA. They didn't even have the scruples to call the whole thing a RoA fleet in the inevitable video that appeared on it, only to heroically celebrate themselves afterwards for blowing up a training session and achieving a few qualifications in hopeless numbers. The only reason, however, was that the few RoA on site didn't retreat so quickly from the battle when things got hot and even try to outnumber them.
But instead of praise for such heroism, there is only a gloatingly edited video with false texts, which leaves out all uncomfortable facts.

Many of the pilots shown here are not RoA at all.
Is this a war against RoA at all, or is it not perhaps the petty act of revenge of a person who has been violated because of his own actions against a peaceful PvP community?
At least he can continue to proclaim the fight against evil and the protection of the innocent in bigoted hypocrisy with his new friends who are recognized and avowed gankers.
The credibility of such a statement is self-explanatory, I believe.
This war has no noble motives, but simply arises from the lowest instincts of a few Spear leaders who do not have the courage to call the child by its name.
So much cowardice, even with a lot of good will, can at best be felt repulsive.
But I can also refer to the beautifully written coverage of Gunny... if one would like to know it exactly. These gentlemen have also shown him their true face one or two times.

The popularity that the pub has got since these two actions is considerable and makes them very happy.
The engineer as host has already complained a little about space problems, but I have offered to set up a small cellar bar..........hüstel....
Actually, the free press can only say: "Keep it up!
To do such damage to the other side would have cost me months if not years, so it goes much faster ;-)
However, I think it is in everyone's interest to end this situation and to shift the war to where it belongs because of the problems mentioned above.
Corresponding discussions are probably in progress.....
Of course the free press will try to be the first to report about the results.
As with every war one can be curious whether the next steps will be determined by reason or by blind rage ..... already the ancient Romans said " the war is the father of all things " .
Finally, a conciliatory word:
As can be read from Spear's last patchy video coverage, the decision has obviously now been taken to let shooting down be the yardstick for victory.
We are very pleased about that because we have very comprehensive and meaningful figures due to our excellent Bots.
So let's calculate the result of the two days together there can be no doubt that RoA, despite massive numerical inferiority, is still a huge leader.
With it we end today a somewhat moody expenditure of the free press.
I would have liked to have stayed with the de-escalating tone of the last issues, but the events and actions of certain people unfortunately make that impossible.
Thus a fully recovered Tirol vacationer greets all old and new readers after its return from Sol into the homeland Wyrd and wishes a successful week.
Your Jerry Cotton

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